Five modern coat hangers for the winter

Every winter, we have to deal with coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, and everything else that comes along during these colder months.

As you need it every day it makes no sense to pack it in the closet only to pull it out a few hours late. Wall hangers are a great solution and will help you to keep your winter gear neatly contained while having it ready when you need it.

Our selection includes five modern wooden coat hanger solutions available on the market right now.


walnut coat hangers

Toma is a set of five hangers designed for casual and uncompromised use.

Simple discs that combine decoration and function, it complements any wall with its natural colour of oak or walnut. The simplicity and natural beauty make them fit in any environment and space.


Pelican is a versatile wall organizer that adapts to every environment and allows us to store or hang our everyday objects.‎ 

The wood structure acts as a container and metal sheet acts as a wall hanger, with two/ three hidden hooks.‎ 


Woad coat hangers

Wing is a wall-mounted coat hanger that animates a wall with the flow and movement of its gently striated arms that twist and turn to create a sculptural composition.‎

Together or alone it projects a soft, undulating form, further animated by use, a perfect complement to any space.‎  


wood coat hanger

Metter is a coat hanger that shines out as clearly the best option when great numbers of coats to be handled in a visually ambitious interior.

The wood brings elegance and the metal brings robustness into the mix.


wood coat hanger

Float hangers can be placed on the back of the sofa as well as a wall. Thanks to laborious handicrafted lathe work, the oak wood acquires suggestive rounded shapes.