Best of Maison et Objet 2019

Since Maison et Objet changed its format, separating the show into two distinct categories: home interior, and objects and accessories, the regular visitors felt a bit confused, but this Winter edition proved that it works and there is no change in the quality of the event.

Maison & Objet 2019

With more than 600 brands exhibiting, there was a lot to see and most of the great publications on the field of design and home decoration already highlighted some of its favorites, so we will focus on products and designers that decided to play with materials and forms.

This is our selection of products that try to escape from standardized globalization focusing on the original design that revitalizes old crafts and mixes it with top technology.



Swirl is a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create multidimensional, functional sculptures. A family of candleholders, bookends and vases, each with their own distinct silhouette, form, and personality.

It is made from recycled powdered residue from the marble industry, mixed with pigment and resin.

It is, at the same time, substantial in weight, smooth in texture and bold in patterns and it's well-suited to the fun maximalist trends on the horizon.


Super Fake Bethan Laura Wood

Super Fake is a series of rugs, designed by Bethan Laura Wood, inspired by the collision of the man-made with nature.

Each one is based on different rock forms, whose surface patterns are created through the organic build-up of sediment through time and a combination of materials under pressure.

It is made from cotton weave, wool, pure silk, and hand made by Tibetan artisans.


Eaunophe  Patrick Paris

Made from concrete, the Eaunophe lamps, designed by Patrick Paris, plays an ingenious visual game of surprising contradictions. the function of the object.

It just looks like a sturdy, solid sculpture in the shape of a lampshade. But as soon as you slightly tilt the lamp, a warm and diffused light emerges from under the hood. As if by magic, everything merges into a harmonious game of hard and soft, cold and warm, aloof yet welcoming at the same time.


X2 Laurindo Marta

Recently awarded with the Inovdesign award and designed by Laurindo Marta, X2 is a smart shelf in solid wood, fully customizable.

While it looks like any freestanding bookshelf when collapsed, it actually consists of two intersecting bookshelves of the exact same size, allowing you to simply pull the other one to the double your storage facility.

The second bookshelf can also be expanded upward, partially extended to either direction and even tilted if you want a more avant-garde aesthetic.


Curl Kaschkasch

Designed by the duo Kaschkasch, Curl its a curvy, unfussy, surprisingly uncomplicated metal clothing rack.

It's undulating metal silhouette elegantly shaped at an angle for the 3D look, makes it a sophisticated, yet subtle storage tool.