Offbeat shelves for special things

For those who keep a small collection of rare books, magazines or valuable decorative items at home, there are lots of standard storage options in the market. But a shelf doesn't have to be the usual wooden rectangle.

A unique and valuable piece, with a particular smell, texture, and look, undoubtedly deserve an offbeat shelf that lets them "breed".

With all of the great materials and designs out there, we suggest two options made of solid wood slats.

Wooden slats shelf


Kasuri shelf

Created by the rising star designer Liam Mugavin, Kasuri Shelf is inspired by traditional Japanese townhouse architecture and antique fabric sourced in Kyoto.

The patchwork, stitching details and linear pattern of the fabric informed the fine joinery and intersecting nature of the design.

The in-and-out, interlocking ash wood segments of his shelf reference the geometric patterns and stitching of a 1930s-era indigo-dyed textile he found in Japan.

The quietness of the form belies the rigorous craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its making.


smart shelf wood slats

Designed by Laurindo Marta, X2 is a versatile bookshelf that can be composed freely.

The bookshelf allows you to adjust its width and height anytime to be adapted to many different contexts and spaces, creating new modules and compartments to store books and other decorative items.

This shelf is composed of two equal-sized blocks that can be reconfigured by adjusting the height or width of the units. Each block consists of 48 wooden slats that are clutched together by brass screws, making the parts adjustable and stable.

Reconfiguring the shelf is simple; all you have to do is slightly loosen the screws on both sides and tighten them back after you get compartment of the desired shape. Moreover, its flat-pack nature allows hassle-free transportation from one place to another.