Brands DNA | Design

In the next weeks, we would guide you throught our brand's DNA: JOINERY, DESIGN, KNOW-HOW, FUNCTIONALITY, INNOVATION AND AESTHETICS.


Since the start of our brand, design has been the strongest WEWOOD's value. In WEWOOD, we want to contribute to the modern design, creating distinctive products that combines functionality, joinery, innovation and beauty.

Each WEWOOD's piece is born from the inspiration and creativity of the most talent designers and architects, each one with their own vision and influences, contributing for a richness and diversity in WEWOOD's collection.

As each designer has his point of view, we've interviewed our design director, Gonçalo Campos.

How would you describe WEWOOD's design?

Wooden Furniture is in a very interesting period. On one hand there is a long and strong legacy, and at the same time there is a great rise to new technologies and the strong influence of globalization.
We collaborate with different designers that interpret these polarizing influences, each in its own way, contributing for a richness and diversity in our collection. That unique understanding coupled with our know-how, dictates the backbone of WEWOOD's design.

What would you say are the most essential elements of WEWOOD's design? 

The most essential and distinctive element of WEWOOD's products is that we try to over deliver on functionality. We try to push the boundaries of convention and develop products that go beyond the norm. What if a bookshelf could change it's configuration endlessly? How can we make a better Sideboard? What if a Sofa could carry as many books as a bookshelf? These are the sort of questions that push us to develop ever better products, so they will deserve their place in people's homes.

Who or what inspires you the most?

I'm mostly inspired by the different solutions, different cultures have found for the problems they face. Sometimes these solutions are expressed in tangible products, but other times  cultural mechanisms that are just as important and effective.

What, for you, is the most crucial difference between good design and bad design?

Good design will pass the test of time and will keep being relevant and compeling in many years to come.

Is functionality the most important feature in the design?

Definetely. But for me the functionality of a product starts way before it arrives at people's houses.
We have to consider how well the product performs from the point of view of the manufacturer, the transporter, the interior designer, the journalist, the retailer, and of course the end costumer. All these have diferent demands, and different priorities. Any good product has to be developed with all these in mind.

Written by: Rafaela Carvalho