Why should you choose solid wood furniture?

Solid Wood Furniture Wewood

When the time to choose furniture comes, many people questions if they should or not to purchase solid wood furniture. With lots of low-end options available, from plastic to veneer, many customers ask if the extra cost of solid wood is worth it. Here are the main reasons why you should choose solid wood furniture.


1. Quality

Solid wood furniture looks beautiful and can bring a feel of classic and quality décor to your home. However, it is also a more costly initial investment.

The quality of the wood, oak or walnut, is incredibly durable and the furniture is designed and produced to last for generations. It can withstand the wear and tear that comes from daily use and often requires minimal maintenance.

If a solid wood piece does start to show its’ age, it can be beautifully restored or even refinished, throughout the generations. You can't do that with other types of furniture.

Oak and Walnut Chairs

2. Sustainability

Sustainability is another key factor. Buying furniture from a company that uses ethical resources is a major benefit. Not only for who buys it but for all society. 

Plastics and veneers can be heavily processed and filled with chemicals, while solid wood is sourced from replenishing forests and manufactured in a way that is much more natural. 

Raia Table

3. Price

Price is always a question for clients that can't perceive the value of solid wood furniture, and sometimes they choose lower-end materials  just because of the price.

There are cases of repentant clients that after a bad experience with veneer furniture decide to invest in solid wood when they finally realize that it proves to offer more durability and a longer life and can prove to be much more economical in the long run.

Don't forget that cheaper options can result in some sacrificed quality. What you save in the short term will cost you more in the future.