Stylish storage solutions

Whether need something to manage your burgeoning shoes and jewelry collection, if you need a place to keep some of your value wine or whisky bottles or if you simply have a bunch of things you want to hide, we’ve rounded up the most stylish and most practical units from our collection.

Carousel sideboard

The right storage solution can make your living room feel more spacious without losing style. Check out these four walnut pieces that will help you find the perfect storage solution for your living space.

Vertical Chest of Drawers

When a dresser is disorganized it's difficult to find particular clothing items and usually, it's the last thing we tend to organize.

In order to make your morning routine more streamlined what you need is a vertical chest of drawers like Touch to keep your clothes organized.

Touch Sideboard

Touch was designed thinking about the most sophisticated tastes and stands out for the elegance. 

It's round shaped silhouette that reveals the wood flexibility and beauty and wakens the desire of feeling its shape by touch.

1950's Style Sideboard

If you are looking for a sideboard with a light visual aspect but with enough consistency to support the weight of the furniture, Panamá is the best solution.

The use of walnut, combined with marble and iron lacquered in black is essential to achieve elegance in all the elements.


This is the perfect place to safeguard cutlery that keeps disappearing or display art collectables.

The drawers can be used to keep bottle openers, corkscrews, and other small items that can easily be reached when needed.

Different Drawer Sizes

Jewellery and other small accessories are a good fit for smaller drawers, while bulkier items like sweaters will be best in deeper, larger drawers. If you're looking to store a combination of items, consider Contador, a timeless piece with different sized drawers.


Crafted in solid walnut as the pieces that inspired it, Contador was made to last a lifetime.

Home Bar

There are some elegant bar cabinets for you to keep your wine and bar supplies well organized. But have you ever thought about a sideboard that can work as a bar cabinet at the same time?

Carousel features two folding doors with internal wooden shelves and four drawers with tic-tac system, emphasizing the high quality of the materials and our skilled craftsmanship.

The focal point of the sideboard is its turntable in the middle which can be used to put bottles and glasses of wine and whisky or your favorite objects more easily accessible.

Carousel was designed to address various requirements as well as the need to incorporate luxurious finished in any environment.

These four elegant, sophisticated and stylish pieces will certainly make a difference at your house.