Two tones: oak and walnut

Furniture doesn't have to be made all in the same wood. Integrating wood tones isn't a new thing and it has been done for centuries. From sideboards to desks there are lots of examples of good mixes. If you like that type of match, take a look at some pieces from our collection that mix oak and walnut, our favorite woods.


Scarpa W

The mixture of walnut and oak pieces in one of the sliding doors of Scarpa W, creates a three-dimensional pattern.


Lei desk

Handcrafted in 100% solid oak, Lei has some details in American walnut, like the legs and the drawers that enhances its class.



The herringbone pattern of the door in oak, as well as some details in the interior, makes Mister an adaptable piece for different environments.



The pattern reproduced on the doors of Casanova is made from pieces of oak and walnut that are fixed by hand, combining the skilled work of artisans with the high-quality materials.



The round lid compartment to collect the items on the top and the shaped strip supporting grooves to display books and magazines, both in solid walnut, create a great contrast with the oak that predominates on Concierge

You can find more examples of two tones furniture in our collection and if you want to go far away why don't you forget the rules and combine a chair and a table made of different woods?