Two suggestions for a sophisticated home office

More than ever before, people are working from home. Some businesses have adopted a “fully remote” model where there is no such thing as the central office. The big desks and the ergonomic chairs people used to see at the traditional offices are being replaced by simpler, smaller and adaptable pieces of furniture that fit the actual context which tends to blend living and working space. 

Home Office

The daily routine of going to the corporate office may no longer make sense for you, but work responsibilities won't go away and you often have to spill over into home life responsibilities as well. Avoid working at the kitchen table and create a space that is specifically for work.  A sophisticated home office, or at least, a desk and a comfortable chair will inspire you to work a little harder, keep you away from domestic distractions and if you are a creative maybe ignite a genius moment. 

That's why it’s crucial that the home workspace is provided with the correct furniture. We know that choosing and purchasing the perfect office furniture is not as easy as one may think, as there are many factors that should be taken into consideration, from the cost, the style, the size or the aesthetic value. So let us make it easier for you and suggest two indispensable items: a desk and a chair that will make you proud of going to the office every day, even though it is only four steps away from your bedroom.

The Desk

Secreta Desk

Secreta is a smart combination of what is necessary for a compact and cozy workspace. It offers several storage compartments  — including a drawer for the laptop — a cable management solution, and two surfaces at different levels: a tabletop that we can easily pull out and an upper shelf at a console height.

Its simplicity and its small size let it integrate in any kind of home office environment and the subtle details, such as the leather element and its clever and organic construction make this piece elegant and timeless.

You know that in today's economy, everything comes at a high price. Before spending your money on overpriced furniture, think about your future, the changes and moves you will have to make and repeat these two words: timeless quality. 

The Chair

Sartor Armchair

Sartor armchair is part of a family of chairs that were dimensioned and built to withstand different uses. This chair is very versatile, comfortable and was studied to the smallest detail. Like a custom suit, the Sartor armchair can be tailored to fit any home office, changing the fabrics or type of legs.

Its soft upholstered shape is balanced with piping along the contour, to create a distinct harmony of form. Before you make the final decision, take the time to research various colors that match your space and personal tastes. 

As your own boss, you need to act like one. Be smart, spend your money wisely and always keep style and comfort on the top of your priorities.