Christophe de Sousa joins Wewood as Design Director

Christophe de Sousa is our new Design Director and already started to work with our design team to create the upcoming collections.

Christophe de Sousa

Christophe de Sousa

Christophe has been collaborating with Wewood since 2018 and designed the Bridge Desk that recently won the Bronze in the category Interior Furniture of the European Product Design Award.

He is a Franco-Portuguese Designer, with a degree in Industrial Design at the Lusíada University of Porto and has collaborated with several companies from a variety of sectors, such as Delta Cafés, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz Headquarter Office and international institutions (Universidad Católica de Chile and BID16 - Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño).

Christophe has received international awards which gave support to his “know-how” to grow and develop, reflecting the evolution of his unique "trait".

Passionate by the process of creation and production while obstinate by the form versus the function, he is a natural observer finding in details the greatest allies in the pursuit of perfection.

In the following months, he will be working directly with our Product Development responsible, Philipp Grundhöfer and our Industrial designer, Rui Mendes, for the conception and development of the new products that will be part of our collection to be launched at the beginning of 2020.

With these changes, we will have more products designed internally, but we will also keep the collaboration with renowned independent designers.

Gonçalo Campos, our previous Design Director, will now assume the position of Brand Manager and will be the responsible for the overall values, image and positioning of the brand, and will have a very important role in the definition of the strategy, procedures and corporate guidelines. He will be researching the international design and furniture markets, new tendencies and materials and (re)evaluating how the brand can appeal to a wider consumer base, acting as the link between the design, marketing, communication and sales departments.

These recent changes represent an exciting evolution for the brand as a whole and will surely reflect on the relationship that we have with our clients from all over the world.