Bridge desk wins European Product Design Award

Bridge desk, designed by Christophe de Sousa for Wewood - Portuguese Joinery is the 2019 Bronze Winner in the category Interior Furniture of the European Product Design Award.

Bridge Desk European Product Design Award

Inspired by the city of Porto, the only city in Europe with 6 bridges, Bridge desk features smooth, rounded surfaces and an overall minimalist aesthetic.

It is made from oak or walnut with steel arcs that span the legs, much like the structures you’d find on the bridges in Porto.

At times that everything seems digitally connected but everybody fights against deconcentration and dispersion, Bridge will remind you to always keep connections and provide a passage over the obstacles that you may face at work. Well beyond the metaphor, it is the perfect desk for a 21st-century office.

Bridge Desk European Product Design Award

The Franco-Portuguese Designer, Christophe de Sousa was born in France in 1979. Passionate by the process of creation and production while obstinate by the form versus the function, he is a natural observer finding in details the greatest allies in the pursuit of perfection.

Since early 2017, Christophe de Sousa Studio is based in Porto, Portugal. He works with renowned companies such as Delta Cafés, Siemens, Wewood, Mercedes-Benz Headquarter Office and international institutions (Universidad Católica de Chile and BID16 - Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño).

The Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve our daily lives with a practical and beautiful creation, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy.