Handcrafted with the best materials, Scaffold is an exclusive sofa which offers more than a simple seating space. With a surrounding wooden frame, Scaffold affords a lot of multiple functions to sit lie, work, play or storage.

Designed by André Teoman studio, Scaffold ceases to be just a sofa, may act as a side table, a bookshelf and a divider. The shelving units are present alongside the armrests and backrest of the sofa, providing a practical storage space for books or all other items.

Apart from being a shelving unit, the wooden frame also acts as a side table on either sides or as division between living room and adjacent room.

The 100% solid wood structure is the focal point of Scaffold, where the strong and minimalist lines are accentuated by the natural wood finish which gives a scandinavian style, adapting to contemporary or traditional interiors.

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