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confortable sofa with a surrounding wooden frame. pillows are fully replaceable.
can be used as a sofa and a bookshelf.

DIMENSIONS W2600 H750 D1050 || 2.04m³ || W102,3" H29,5" D41.3"

weight 152kg | 335lbs

DESIGNER andré teoman studio

technical drawings
3d file


Handcrafted from high quality materials, Scaffold is a comfortable sofa with a surrounding wooden frame which can be used as a bookshelf or as a division, showing the best of the high-end joinery.

The 100% solid wood structure is the focal point of Scaffold, where the strong and minimalistic lines are accentuated by the natural wood finish which gives a Scandinavian style, adapting to the contemporary or traditional interiors.

Scaffold can be used at the same time as a sofa, a bookshelf  or as a division between the living and the dining room, creating an exclusive space.

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A N D R É   T E O M A N   S T U D I O

What can I say about my design style... I don’t believe in the unity of the “true, the good and the beautiful”, that aesthetically valuable and quality-conscious design will make us better people, as Bauhaus or the Werkbund once proclaimed, instead I try to create my own world with wicked things and to turn them into a symbolization of distinctive taste and humor. And to the production of these ideas creating preservations of artisanal craftsmanship is a mission, and a desire to join the best craftsmanship with other great techniques that are being forgotten around the world.

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