Tips to improve your productivity at the office

In a world that becomes more and more digital, instant and demanding, it's important to keep your working space organized. It doesn't matter if you are an architect, a designer, an entrepreneur or a copywriter, the essentials-only office is becoming a trend and a symbol of professionalism and productivity.  


Many successful professionals hate the feeling of having their desks crowded with papers, books and technologic gadgets and tend to design a work area as bare as possible, with only the essentials at hand and in view.

It may seem difficult at the beginning but becomes easier if you follow this three simple steps.

1. Rearrange your space

Create a clean, minimal, stylish and organized workspace that frees your mind for clear thinking and keep you focused on what really matters. Forget the file cabinet and file folders and the huge bookshelf full of books.

One of the biggest problems of keeping an office organized is that people tend to keep lots of tools they don't use on a daily basis all around the office. Do you really need a scanner and a desk calendar and a clock on the wall? Keep only the essentials.

2. Improve your working process

Many of us leave stuff on our desks as a reminder. We think that we may forget something if it is not in front of us, but the reality is that there are lots of apps and gadgets that can remind us.

You know, as good as me, that piles of papers and files all around makes us waste lots of time searching for what we need. It's all about organization and discipline.

3. Keep it clean

The trick that many minimalist office super-busy professionals use is to clean their office desk when they leave. A clean desk at the end of the day it's a clean desk at the beginning of the day and it makes all the difference.  


Choosing the right furniture is very important. Take your time to choose the perfect bookshelf, a compact desk and a comfortable chair that fits you.

I can suggest our Metis desk, once it streamlines storage in a minimalist form. Hidden storage is built right in, so there's no need for extra file cabinets or drawers around it.

It can be complemented with a simple and stylish bookshelf like XI. Its intelligent structure is perfect to store and display all the essential books, magazines and the art that inspires you.

The process is crucial. Keep a list of projects and tasks on your smartphone or laptop for a more efficient organization. Apps like Minimalist, Timepage or Bear will sure help you.

It's not only about the space and the process, it's also, and most important of all, about you. Don't' forget to straighten up, drink water and take a few deep breaths several times a day. 

Follow this steps and you will never feel pressed by the time or stuck in disorganization.