Three Portuguese Chair Designs

A great chair really makes the difference. It's not about the chair itself, but the way the seating looks, the way it's designed and how it feels when you're using it.

Throughout history, chairs have presented designers with infinite opportunities to experiment with new methods and materials within the set parameters of an object that is primarily there to serve a practical purpose.

Sit back and take a look at this three amazing Portuguese chairs design.


Slip Chair

Commissioned by the Portuguese design brand UVA, is built from a white-cut wooden frame consisting of two-axes.

The chair’s unique design is meant to play tricks on the eye, leaving you thinking that you will slide off upon trying to sit down.

In addition to the overall slanted aesthetic, the Slip Chair is highlighted by a slab of marble that rests atop the white wooden frame.

Despite its looks, the snarky chair is completely stable.


Maria & Manel

Designed by Pedro Sottomayor, the chairs Maria & Manel were developed as a part of the new concept for downtown Lisbon, which enhances the outdoor terraces and accentuates the charm of the streets.

The objective is to give continuity by using a clean design language on the streets instead of drowning in a chaotic jumble of materials and colors.

The overall design is simple and calm just as the seven color scheme with two main colors, chalky white and black, inspired by traditional Portuguese sidewalk paving.



Designed by Bruno Marques, Ericeira chair was created with the local accommodation in mind (homestays, lodges, guesthouses and b&b) influenced by the tradition of Ericeira's fishermen who rented their own houses to the tourists who came to the village in the summer months.

The cross-frame, with the same thickness of the legs, gives it the necessary resistance without losing the aesthetic simplicity.

The cut of the legs, together with the curvature of the plate, makes the seat slightly raised in relation to the structure, inspired by the lines and the tenuous curvature of the surfboards on the top of the waves at the beaches of Ericeira, the surf capital of Portugal and World Surfing Reserve.

Despite its Portuguese soul, these chairs can already be spotted in different places of the world.