Salone Del Mobile 2018: Essential Report

Salone del Mobile 2018 was amazing. We've been in Milan for more than a week and it surpassed our expectations. The weather was perfect, the sunny days brought more than 400,000 people to the event and the organization is already working on next year's edition.

Salone Del Mobile 2019

At the restaurants, metro and taxis, the locals told us that Salone del Mobile mobilizes more people than other big events like the Milan Fashion Week and Milano AutoClassica. 

The numbers are not official, but the fact is that the pavilions were full in all days and we received people from all over the world at our stand in Hall 6, where we showed some of our new and classic products. Much of them already knew us from other events, but for the vast majority, it was the first opportunity to see and touch our products. 




The feedback from WOHAbeing, who shared the stand with us, was the same: lots of visitors from all over the world, amazed with the design and the quality of the products. It was their debut at Milan and it couldn't be better with the amazing Bintan and Ulu Indoor Collections, both produced by us.



Despite the focus and attention dedicated to our stand and visitors, we had the chance to take a look at the other brands present in this year's edition of Salone Del Mobile and check what the other brands are doing.  

It's impossible to highlight everything in one single article and since this is not a magazine, but a brand's blog, we will focus on the three main tendencies of stand's look we've found.


Images and words allow us to create ambiances and our imagination also can do that. Brands know that and it is reflected in the diversity of approaches we saw.

The Sobers

Some brands prefer to play it safe and keep the sober approach, showing that they know what they are doing, who their clients are and while it works, they will keep it that way. It is marked in their ADN and maybe will remain like that forever. 

The Unusuals

Others prefer a totally different positioning with out-of-the-box approaches, inserting pop culture and storytelling elements, vibrant colors or extravagance. They know how original they are and who they are trying to reach.

The Minimalists

On a more minimalist note, some brands prefer to keep it simple highlighting the products and the design, showing the visitors how amazing a simple contemporary home can look.

It's impossible to say which approach is better. There is no magic formula, each brand chooses its positioning and its the difference among brands that make this sector so vibrant with brands with more than 100 years old sharing the same space with a brand with less than 10 years old. It's also the difference that makes Salone Del Mobile so amazing.

At the end of the day, it's all about personal tastes, client's tastes and the look and feel you are looking for a special project. 

Salone Del Mobile is the perfect place to find new inspirations, confirm the quality of the products you already know or simply to find a new and vibrant brand. If you haven't been there, don't miss the opportunity of getting there next year.