Portugal Showroom: Wewood products on display at AICEP Lisbon

We are delighted to announce that some of our products can no be seen in a Lisbon showroom located at the headquarters of Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP). There, you can find a range of products from our collection, all ideally suited for residential, corporate and hospitality interiors alike.

Wewoot at AICEP

This new space called Promote Room is open to the public and was designed to be a hub for design, quality, technology, art and know-how characterize and differentiate the Portuguese products on display.

Wewood at AICEP

Based on meticulous craftsmanship and natural materials like solid wood and exclusive fabrics; the collection offers timeless designs that redefine luxury in a modern world - making it relevant to a global audience.

Wewood at AICEP

AICEP is a government business entity, focused in encouraging the best foreign companies to invest in Portugal and contribute to the success of Portuguese companies abroad in their internationalization processes or export activities.

Rua de Entrecampos, N.º 28, Bloco B – 12º Andar
1700-158 Lisboa | Portugal

Opening hours:
Business days from 9AM to 5PM

Phone: + 351 217 909 500
E-mail: aicep@portugalglobal.pt