Ericeira: The best place to surf, stay and eat on the Portuguese Coast

The month of November in the village of Ericeira was very different from what it is now. The damp cold that comes from the sea repels the locals from the streets, but at Praça da República, in the center of the village, the wind disperses the conversations that resonate in different languages. The buzz in the cafes and shops is increasingly provoked by foreigners who choose the traditional fishing locality to spend seasons, occupying the houses of the center of the village.


In October 2011, Ericeira became the World Surfing Reserve, a classification attributed by Save the Waves Coalition, a non-governmental organization created in 2009. From that moment on, things began to change and the village became part of a program that wants to protect the world's surfing habitats.

Until then, there were four or five hostels and were the inhabitants who rented their own houses to the tourists who came to the village, especially in the summer months.


From there on, the village developed a lot thanks to the tourists from all around the world, who came during all the seasons of the year, attracted by the waves of the region's beaches. With the tourists came the hostels and the local accommodation - which have contributed a lot to the development of the village.

The evolution never stopped and, in recent times, new spaces have emerged with another capacity and sophistication for this new wave of tourism.

You and The Sea Ericeira Hotel and Apartments

You and The Sea

Partially equipped with our furniture, near to the sea, the beach, nature and the culture that surrounds it, You and The Sea offers 36 apartments with hotel service, with typologies raging from studios to 4-bedroom, ideal for those who are looking for a relaxed beachfront experience with the comforts of city life.

Restaurant Jangada Ericeira


The Jangada restaurant is a relaxed and familiar space, with open kitchen and a superb view to the sea. Jangada has 80 seats and a distinctive menu that transports you on a journey between land and sea, with dishes that involve regional palates and inspired by the sea, but also delicious home-made crunchy pizzas, made with long fermenting dough, and cooked in a wood-fired oven. Here you can enjoy your meals in our Nuda tables and Ericeira chairs who were inspired by this amazing village and its people.