In the last few weeks, we've been talking about our DNA: JOINERY, DESIGN, KNOW-HOW, FUNCTIONALITY, INNOVATION and finally this week is about AESTHETICS.

Despite being our last feature, it's one of the most important attribute in furniture design. The first contact we have is always visual, if we don't like it, we don't want it!

The WEWOOD's aesthetics is simple, focused on the purity of form and high standards of finish. Combined with the natural beauty of wood, results in timeless pieces of furniture made to last.

Take a look at our master pieces where aesthetics is really highlighted:

Its rounded shaped silhouette reveals the wood flexibility and beauty and wakens the desire of feeling its shape by touch. TOUCH is undoubtedly a master piece that will highlight your bedroom or your living room.

The transparency and lightness of glass combined with the strenght and endurance of solid wood make APONTE an impressive table, by adapting and highlighting a dining room, a workspace or a Hotel lobby.

Beyond SCARPA emphasizes the traditional joinery techniques, its pattern on doors offers an unique design and aesthetics that will enhance your living room or dining room.