Wewood featured in March 2018 edition of Timber Design & Technology Magazine

Timber Design & Technology Magazine from Dubai, highlights eight Wewood's products in a two-page article. 


For the magazine "Wewood perfects the combination of design and woodworking between artisans and designers".

We want you to know a bit more about the eight products highlighted by Timber Design & Technology.

1. Caravela Chair Family

Caravela Chair Family

This collection of chairs is a tribute to some of the greatest and bravest Portuguese History. You can detailed information about it here

2. Scarpa Sideboard

Scarpa Sideboard

Scarpa is a rectangular sideboard with a unique design, offering two drawers and four divisions with a great and useful area, allowing to store any type of objects.

3. X2 Bookshelf

X2 Bookshelf

X2 is a smart bookshelf which allows increasing the width and height anytime, creating new modules and compartments to stor books and other decorative items. Check out how it works.

4. Sixty's Mirror

Sixty's Mirror

Exploring the main function of a mirror, Sixty’s Mirror is the perfect piece to enhance the décor of any room or to complement narrow spaces. It can be hung both vertically or horizontally, according to the characteristics of the space, making it look brighter and bigger.

5. Touch Sideboard

Touch Sideboard

Designed by Suricata Design Studio for storage purposes, Touch is an object that appeals to our senses and to the most sophisticated tastes.

6. Bowie Sofa

Bowie Sofa.jpg

Bowie single armchair seat is the perfect partner for Touch Sideboard. Created by our Design Director Gonçalo Campos, Bowie is actually a modular sofa, which means that its dimensions can vary from a single armchair seat, to a 3 seat wide sofa.

7. Bica Coffee Table

Bica Coffee Table

Bica was designed to be functional. Inspired by a typical Portuguese dialect expression, its name reminds to a convivial gesture of drinking coffee with friends.

The distinctive round tray can be removed and used to serve drinks or food, or it simply create a decorative composition. Its delicate design and slim proportions are especially suitable for smaller spaces.

8. Codfish Chair

Codfish Chair

Available in several colors, Codfish fits in any ambience and environment, making it unique.

As mentioned by Timber "a Wewood piece is, in essence, turned into reality by the hands, wisdom and experience of skilled craftspeople that combine noble materials, traditional joinery, handcraft and advanced technology".

These eight essential objects are just a small part of our portfolio, you can find the complete collection here.