Wewood partnership with WOHAbeing will officially be announced

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Singapore-based architecture practice WOHA launched its new design brand WOHAbeing at Maison&Objet Paris, last September 2017. Awarded Maison&Objet Asia Designer of the Year, WOHAbeing debuted six collections of homeware that were developed in collaboration with five wonderful partners.

The six collections, designed by Mun Summ Wong and Richard Hassell, will be shown to the Singapore public for the first time in an exhibition at the National Design Centre. Named Bonjour, WOHAbeing, the exhibition encompasses all objects shown in Paris, as well as new pieces, such as the Diaspora tableware range and new apartment-sized Corak rugs. The collections each feature a distinct personality and style and encompass different combinations of objects, ranging from furniture, rugs, lights, bathware to tableware.

At the opening of Bonjour, WOHAbeing, the new collaboration with their Portuguese partner Wewood will officially be announced. Wewood will be manufacturing and distributing the furniture of the Bintan Collection and Ulu Indoor Collection. The opening event will take place on 7 December from 6-9pm, in the Atrium of the National Design Centre.  

“With this partnership, Wewood will be able to know and discover asian market and in the other hand, Woha can also do the same in european market.”

Wewood is a Portuguese brand with an extensive experience in high-end joinery to produce superb solid wood furniture that promotes Portuguese culture and design.

Wewood roots are in solid wood furniture manufacturing, combining design and traditional joinery methods, such as: dove tail, mortise and tenon and halved joint. With a rigorous approach to detailing, Wewood takes a great care to ensure that every piece is hand assembled, hand finished and quality controlled before being dispatched.

“I believe that this will be an excelent partnership to both parties because we complement each other. Woha has a great design and ideas and Wewood has a great manufacture with high expertises in wood production”