The best instalations at 100% Design 2016

For its 22nd edition, 100% Design 2016 showed some of the best luxury furniture brands and emerging brands in design. 100% Design 2016 showed you the best 2017 trends in the world of design! Here are the top 3 installations from this great design fair!

100% Design Auditorium

100% Design auditorium has been a stand out commission for a series of leading designers in recent years. As the intellectual heart of the show, space is intended to provide a dramatic and inspiring venue within which to experience the huge range of talks, topics and speakers on stage.

100% Design Central Bar

The central bar is a highlight and has a legendary reputation in this London Event. This year, 100% Design Central bar will be designed by Sally Hogarth and Aldworth James & Bond will be making and installing the ‘ripple’ above the bar, which reflects the sensory experience of visiting and networking at the Central Bar. As the place where you can feel like you’re standing at the centre of the industry the design approach to this space has always been the critical part of how each of the shows feels.

The Design Path

The diversity of colours and textures in Hakwood range will be utilized in this 100% Design project that will combine bespoke colours o reinvent the herringbone pattern with movements found in nature. Another great experience for visitors!

Wewood - Portuguese Joinery