Desk inspirations for your office

You spend a good portion of your day at your desk. Why not make it a creative space that reflects your personality? We've rounded up our favorite creative and multifunctional desks to make your home office a space you actually want to spend time in.

1. LEI

LEI is a hybrid piece of furniture that can serve as a workspace, desk or dressing table. Its simple and versatile design makes it easily integrate in almost any type of decor. You can use it in the bedroom, in the living room, home office and basically anywhere else you have some free space.


This clever little desk was designed by Daniel Duarte. The piece can be fixed on the wall anywhere. When not used, the desk closes and becomes a simple but beautiful sideboard. It has slots and drawers and it's the perfect writing desk for small homes.


Metis is a compact desk made of solid oak, offering a real storage solution. Its tabletop hides a lot of compartments, even wires and electric cables, keeping your workspace tidy and organized.


Featuring a very simple but very pratical design, this minimalist desk lets you store things like books, folders or other small supplies or objects in its saddlebag in leather or cork.