Valentine's day - the romantic design guide

Valentine's day is coming up and in this newsletter you'll find four seductive pieces, perfect for a loving gesture. Charm your sweet Valentine or treat yourself!


If you are looking for something original for both lonely nights and cozy dates for two, LOVER seat is the ultimate gift idea for your Valentine's day. Its versatility allows itself to be a love seat, a chaise longue, a day bed or a small sofa as your mood.

LEI dressing table

LEI is a feminine and sensitive piece for her which works as a multifunctional desk or as a dressing table. Handcrafted in 100% solid oak with some details in walnut, LEI beautifies her day in the same space where she can work.

MISTER sideboard

Surprise your Mister with MISTER sideboard. Its interior can be completely rearranged according to different needs, allowing it to be used as a bar, a desk or simply as a sideboard.

Colombo coffee table

"One half for you, one half for me!" Share your coffee table with your loved one. COLOMBO is a solid coffee table like no other, designed with elegance and irreverence at heart. Its egg shaped top is composed by two halves which can be separated into two side tables, each one distinct by itself.

Wewood - Portuguese Joinery