Home Trends - WALNUT IDEAS

As a result of the rise of mid-century modern style, there's a distinct wood taking the interior design world - The Walnut.

Distinguished by its striped wood grain, the Walnut comes in a variety of shades, from light to dark and even a mixture of both, allowing every piece to be unique and exclusive.

above you can see our radio sideboard and our colombo center/ side table.

CANCAN coat stand & INES dining table

CANCAN is a elegant coat stand that is always dancing but never seems to fall, no matter how much it dances, and INES dining table is a strong and imponent toothpick table available in different finishes and colors also now in Walnut.

CONTADOR sideboard

A timeless piece inspired by a traditional Portuguese furniture piece which its purpose was to provide pratical storage space for dining rooms and offices in its arrays of drawers and secret compartments.
Now also available in walnut.

TOUCH sideboard

An exquisite sideboard where the beauty of walnut highlights the round shapes of its drawers. Perfect for storage would be perfect in your bedroom or living room.
Also available in oak.