João Gonçalves and Clémentine Caurier, both born in 1986, met in Berlin. Since 2015 they decided to make the most out of their design experiences by collaborating on a series of projects.

Clémentine graduated in 2009 after studying product design and business management in France (Nantes) and Germany (Schwäbish Gmünd). She started working in Berlin as an independent designer for international design studios.

She discovered her taste for the furniture field working on successful projects with the studio Boettcher Henssler Kayser.

Since 2015, Clémentine runs her own studio. She designs products focusing on simplicity and subtle details in order to give to the user enough freedom to start his own narrative.

She believes that the object tells a story as much as the creation process does. Therefore, she develops collaborations by traveling across Europe, meets craftsmen and learns how to play with different materials.

João Gonçalves graduated in industrial design in 2008 with studies in Portugal (ESAD Caldas da Rainha) and France (ESAD Reims).

He currently lives in Berlin where he works as a product and interior designer. His work as a product designer was rewarded on several national and international competitions and exhibited in Berlin, Beijing, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Bilbao and Oporto.His work reveals a strategic approach with a curiosity towards behaviors and movements, the dialogues between shapes, and occasionally pushing new limits for materials and exploring humor and social layers.


Clementine Caurier & Joao Goncalves