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LUNA mirror

Series of wall mirrors of three different sizes, with solid wood frame in oak or walnut. mirror option avaiLable also in smoke or bronze colour. 

Ø1200 | 47,2"  | WEIGHT 20kg  | 44lbs
Ø600  | 23.6"  | WEIGHT 5kg    |  11LBS
Ø450  | 17.7"   | weight 3kg    |  6.6lbs

DESIGNER eleonora fedi

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this series of mirrors iNspired by the beautiful and fascinated shape of the full and crescent moon, was designed to create a beautiful wall décor set. HANDCRAFTED WITH THE MOST TRADITIONAL PORTUGUESE JOINERY TECHNIQUES, luna mirrors can be placed in different position and by simply rotating the wooden frame can create different combinations of décor set.

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E L E O N O R A   F E D I