Get More Storage Options with the Metis Desk

Do you know how there used to be school desks, where you put all your belongings inside, and the table top acted as a lid? Metis by Wewood, is the modernised version of this vintage desk, offering a storage solution with 3 drawers, a secret compartment and two lidded sections.

Made from solid oak, Metis is a compact desk lets you store everything you might need working or studying, without having to buy additional bookshelves and drawers. Whether its textbooks, post-it notes, pens and paper, or even a secret stash of snacks, this table keeps your work space tidy and less cluttered.

With a minimalistic design, it offers a smart, sophisticated look to your work place, while hiding all those wires and electric cables, while giving you enough leg room to stretch your legs after a long day of typing away.

Source: Man of Many

Wewood - Portuguese Joinery