Thomas Ludwig Kelley, known in the world of design as Tom Kelley and in the world of painting as Thomas Ludwig considers himself after all as an observer and points out, all those observations want to come out as forms, compositions, colours, words.

Born in East-Germany facing heavy political problems which did not allow him to go to university and eventually ended with 2 years in prison of the famous Stasi. Freed from the than West-German government he studies in Aachen, Munich and Long Beach /California.

Especially his work as designer brought him 20 years ago to Italy, where (in Venice) he lives now more or less, considering his trips (mostly work) around the world. This travelling, living in other countries, learning other languages sharpened his eyes even more. Besides his portfolio of design he worked as well in the field of creating or restoring houses (the most famous was the Villa Michael Thonet).

Despite his ripe age he still feels very unripe, he still searches challenges, he still falls in love with new situations. His antenna for today are his children and his younger wife which keeps him on the toes.