WEWOOD - Portuguese Joinery

G O L O U R  

Inspired by a simple geometric structure, Golour chair was created with one main function: “the act of sitting”. The surfaces can be customized in various colours and textures, creating a differentiated piece, adaptable to any environment and space.


DIMENSIONS W430 H830 D430 | W16,9" H32,6" D16,9"

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C L A Ú D I A   C O S T A

Claudia Costa was born in Braga, Portugal, in 1980.
Finished her architectural studies in the Universidade Lusiada of Oporto in 2003, also attended the IV International Architecture Seminar in Lisbon, UAL, in August (of the same year), and was part of the team of the Swiss architect Marcel Meilli. She continued her education with a Master in Lighting Design in 2008, in the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid.
Claudia collaborated in different architecture studios in Oporto like Guedes + DeCampos Architects. Most recently she worked with Arch. Eduardo Leira and Arch. Susan Jelen, Madrid (2007 to 2009). In 2005 she received the third place and second Honorable Mention, in the Public Ideas Competition of the "Mercado Municipal 1 de Maio e Parque Catarina Eufémia " in the city of Barreiro, Portugal; in partnership with
the Arch. Pedro Jordão. In 2009 she follow up,
has an intern of the technic light team of the
S. João Theatre, in Oporto in the play: " Breve
Sumário da História de Deus" from Nuno Carinhas,
and light design from Nuno Meira.
In 2009 Claudia Costa creates LOFF, Architectural
and Lighting Design Studio.
Her work has been published all over the world.