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F L A M E N C O 

Crafted from solid oak, Flamenco is a practical and comfortable stool. Inspired by the flamenco skirt, this stool has the particularity of having a spinning seat that makes it fun to use. Ideal for moments of socialization, Flamenco is the perfect companion for any dinner table.


DIMENSIONS W310 H470 D310 | W12,2" H18,5" D12,2"
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M A R I A   B R U N O   N É O

Maria Bruno Néo (born 1985) is a Portuguese product designer. After graduating in product design in 2008, she worked in Menina Design Group (brands such as Boca do Lobo, Portugalbrands, etc). In 2009, she won Inovart scholarship to work in Studio Tord Boontje. In 2010, she decided to join to Studio Edward van Vliet in several projects including, textiles, interiors and product.
Maria Bruno developed a critical thinking, and curiosity about the world and how things were done. A bit of everything is brought in every project that she does, she tries to mix rationality with feelings and tradition, so the projects become part of people's life.

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